Les Productions DTL

Our Enterprise

For some time now the DTL dance center has surpassed the traditional mission of a dance school. Many prestigious and well known artists have attended some of the DTL Productions performances, including Céline Dion, René Angelil, Éric Lapointe (2003-2004), Gabrielle Destroismaisons, the TVA program coordinator (2002-2003), Yvon Deschamps, Johanne Blouin, Richard and Normand Groulx from Starmania, the Director of Radio Canada, the Vice-president of TQS, the producers of Avanti (Roch Voisine) and Nick Carbone from C & C Musique Productions. In addition, throughout the years, six students from the school have been accepted to the Great Ballet of Canada for professional training.

Since 2000, Danielle Tondreau and DTL Productions have provided their services to the Nora Myle Productions and C & C Musique. This includes some disc launching events, TV shows, the Big Bang video clip as well as a tour through the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. DTL Productions has taken part in more than 60 shows for Gabrielle Destroismaisons. Danielle Tondreau has already choreographed for Anastasia, singer from the group Sky. In Fall 2002, the artists and choreographers from DTL Productions performed for Flashdance International. In June 2003, DTL Productions performed at the Metropolis during Eric Lapointe’s presentations. In addition, DTL Productions worked for the TV show Watatow with Patrick Huneault.

In February 2005, Danielle Tondreau and DTL Productions were contracted by Nora Myle Productions to work in the conception, choreography and performance of some dance segments for the video clip of the singer Ely. This was broadcast by TF1, a French TV channel, during the Start Academy TV show in that country. A great success for all!!! On November 26, 2007, DTL Productions also participated in the launch of the disc by Sarah Ann from Disques Project Art and Ziga Ziga Productions. Currently, there is a large number of artistic projects with the participation of DTL Productions.

DTL Productions offers different types of artistic services to producers, broadcasters, artist managers, enterprises, publicity houses as well as to different broadcast media. At DTL Productions, we offer a wide range of services: the talented dancers from the Harmony Dance Company, the event production services as well as the revolutionary musical revue Megadance. We also offer choreographic conception as well as the services of an artistic advisor in scenic movement and in choreographic coaching.

From the very beginning, DTL Productions has known undeniable success. On a regular basis, its dancers have taken part in shows held at the Hippodrome (Montreal's race track) as well as other important events like the opening ceremony of the Montreal Soccer World Cup.